My New Favorite Thing

Have you heard about Pinterest?  Maybe I’m late on this train.  But, I’m glad to say that I’m on board.  I love this site!  I could spend hours and hours (and I do) combing through it.  Everyday, I’m simply amazed by the ingenuity, creativity, beauty, and often hilarity out in the world when scrolling through the many different pins folks have posted to their boards.  Have I piqued your (dare I say it…yes, I think I will) pinterest?

Pinterest is a great website that serves as a type of personal online catalogue for all of the things you want to try to remember.  That dress you love, the rug you think would look nice in the living room, a delicious looking sandwich, a movie you’d like to see – the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination – can all be “pinned” to a board you’ve created on your personal Pinterest page.  Your pins are then arranged quite beautifully, in a perfectly curated installment of whatever tickles your fancy.

Some of my pins on Pinterest.

You can also check out what everyone else is pinning.  I must confess that I often feel guilty that I’m only “repinning” as oppose to contributing fresh content to the collective encyclopedia of creative ideas.  What’s great about each pin, however, is that it is tied to its original post in the interwebs so, in addition to seeing all this beautiful stuff on Pinterest, I’m also discovering all these great “new-to-me” websites and blogs.  After I gather enough of those in my repertoire of daily readings, perhaps I’ll have more original pins to contribute.

Of course I learned about Pinterest from my favorite young couple over at Young House Love.  If you haven’t made it over to their blog, yet, stop reading now and go straight away.  You are missing out!  They inspire me daily.

What about you?  What websites, blogs, are you newly stumbling upon?  Which ones inspire you?


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