Favorite Pitstops

Today, I thought I’d take some time to highlight a few of my favorite “pitstops” on the information superhighway (is anyone calling it that anymore?).  These are places I like to go for information, inspiration, and to gather ideas for our home and our future wedding.  I’m all for giving credit where credit is due and sharing things that I think are great.  Today is a chance to do just that.

Stop #1: Young House Love

I cannot say enough how much I love this site.  Darrin has taken to rolling his eyes when I start a sentence with “Today, on Young House Love…”  or “Sherry, from Young House Love says…”  Seriously though, this site rocks.  I first stumbled onto the page highlighting their DIY wedding.  It was simple, budget-friendly, and beautiful!

A gorgeous backyard DIY reception setting created for themselves by the Petersiks of Young House Love.

After a short time of following the YHL blog, however, I quickly discovered that this was a couple with a great sense of style, working within a realistic budget, and willing to share tons of tips with the public.  What a pair!  The Projects page alone is a great resource.  And I’m constantly inspired by their House Crashes and shopping trips.

Sherry at YHL was turned on by this lantern at Home Goods for only $17. She's helped me to see how I can incorporate pops of color in my own home with decorative and inexpensive items like this.

Stop #2: Grey Likes Weddings

Grey Likes Weddings is a recent addition to my regular stops, having added this one after I got engaged and started actively thinking about planning a wedding.  Grey is actually a stylist named Summer Watkins and Grey Likes Weddings is her beautifully curated blog with an eye for an artful take on love.  One of my favorite sections of her blog highlights Real Weddings.  I am head over heels in love with this “Big Sur Indie Love” wedding.  I don’t even know this couple, but the unique details, intimate setting, and great photography make me feel like I was there.

Love the dress. Love the candles. Love the piano. Love how it all feels right for this couple. Thanks to Grey Likes Weddings for showing how a couple can really let their personal style shine through at their wedding.

Stop #3: Andrew & Jessica Photographers

I’ve been visiting my third stop for quite a few years.  Andrew and Jessica are wedding photographers in Denver, CO.  In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I have a personal bias towards them.  Jessica is the sister of my very best friend, Heather.  However, one look at their amazing photography will prove that the reason why I keep going back to their blog extends far beyond loyalty to a friend.  What I love about Andrew’s and Jessica’s work is that they love what they do and it shows.  They really take the time to get to know their couples and thusly are able to capture intimate (and dare I say magical) moments.  I also love Jessica’s obsession with shoes, which ensures that the rest of us get a regular dose of shoe porn.  Finally, I like to regularly stop by Andrew and Jessica’s blog to be reminded that photographs can be beautiful, that they don’t have to be static, and that weddings are all about the love – as is evident from the pictures they take.

At a recent wedding shot by Andrew and Jessica, the bride and groom sent out invitations on paper made from wildflower seeds. Guests could plant the invitations and wait for the flowers to bloom. What a great idea! I love how Jessica and Andrew pick up on these details and share them with the rest of us.

Stop #4: Catalog Living

The last stop I’ll share today is a quick one and a favorite when I’m in the mood for a laugh.  Of course, I found out about this one on YHL (pause for dramatic eye-roll from Darrin).  Ever look at pictures of staged homes in catalogues and magazines and wonder who could possibly live there?  Molly Erdman, a comedian, writer, and actress, has answered the question for us.  The result is a sarcastic and satirical skewering of some of the more outrageous and over the top home decorating models.

So that’s about it for today.  I’d love to hear about any websites or blogs you visit that you’d like to share.  Are there any that you have to check regularly?  Which ones can you simply not live without?

Photos found at Young House Love, Grey Likes Weddings, and Andrew and Jessica Photographers.


4 thoughts on “Favorite Pitstops

    • MJ says:

      More than happy to! I love your site! Thanks for sharing your talent for spying beautiful things. (Confession: I also started following you on Pinterest. I can’t get enough of that site, either.)

    • MJ says:

      I’m right with you on the humor websites, Andrea! I’ve never heard of the ones you mentioned and I can’t wait to check them out. I’ve got “Damn You Autocorrect!” and “When Parents Text” bookmarked and check-in with those two whenever I feel like a laugh. It looks like with your recommendations, my humor list will be growing. Hurah!

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