In Treatment, Part Deux

It seems like ages ago that I wrote this rant post about our efforts to replace the window coverings in our great room.  Well, now I’m back with the results.  After I spent countless hours shopping (both online and in stores), it was Darrin who finally came home with a fabulous find.

We had already purchased bamboo shades at Lowe’s (on clearance even – suh-weet) but they needed a little something extra.  That’s when Darrin came through with some soft blue panels from Big Lots of all places.  And for only $10 a panel, we really couldn’t go wrong.

The end result is a window “treatment” we’re quite pleased with.  The blue of the curtain plays nicely with the blue in our kitchen, which can be seen from the great room, without being too matchy-matchy (yes, that’s a real thing).  The bamboo starts to bring in the ultimate theme we’re going for in that room – a kind of colonial outpost (more on that later).

Here’s a sneak peek at the end result on one of the windows.  I’ll share more photos later as more of the room comes together.  First, take a look at a before picture.  Notice the nasty white blinds.  Oh and check out those super clean walls and awesome grey carpet.

Before the window received treatment.

And now, here’s a look at that same window with curtains.

Perfect blue curtains thanks to Darrin's super shopping skills. They do need to be ironed, though.

We love the way the blue curtains look with the bamboo shades. And the shades let in some great light, while maintaining privacy.


It felt so good to get this project done!  What completed projects do you want to brag about?



2 thoughts on “In Treatment, Part Deux

  1. Andrea says:

    Love the finished look – good work you two!

    “Treating” our windows was quite a feat that I’m glad is over. They are a whopping 96″x108″, so shopping around for cheap was a top priority! Ikea came through in the end!

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