Gettin’ Nerdy

I am (quite proudly) a confessed nerd.  Luckily, I am marrying a person who loves nerds.  I’ve described here how I have a slight obsession for emerging technologies (despite my fear of the inevitable robotic uprising).  Anyway, I often get all nerdy over technology.  Even to the point that I’ve seriously considered serenading Darrin with this classic from Napoleon Dynamite on our wedding day:

Being a graphic designer/artist, Darrin is a pretty tech friendly guy.  And, early on in our relationship we knew we were compatible when we discovered that the other person was a mac user.  This has made merging the technologies in our household a lot easier.  However, there are a few things that I just get a little more nerdy over/get more into than does Darrin.  I’d consider myself somewhat of a gamer – Darrin, not so much.  Though, he will throw down on Rock Band.  I’ve been in the cell phone market – moving my way up (and down) through the various models of growing trends and capabilities since 2000.  I finally got an iPhone 4 last winter and everyone once in a while I still marvel at the idea that I’m walking around with a computer in my pocket.  Whaaaaaat?!  Darrin was one of the last hold outs to buy a cell phone for the first time in 2009.  Though when he finally did buy one, he didn’t mess around and went immediately to the iPhone 3.  His brother likes to say he went straight from the stone age to the space age.

Last week, I brought home the latest addition to my tech family – an iPad 2.  Oh my little nerdy heart was about to explode with glee when I finally got my grubby freshly washed hands on it.  I have so many plans for this baby.  First, I should confess that I named it him – Mighty Max.  I also named my iPhone; his name is Maximillian.  It just felt so natural to consider the iPad the alter ego of the phone, thus Mighty Max.

Do you think Stephen names his devices? I bet he's just as nerdy as I am.

Two days after I got Might Max, I had him on the sidelines of my nephew’s very first soccer game and I captured a number of short videos. Eventually, I’ll download iMovie and be able to edit films with the swipe of my fingers.  Not like I’m a movie mogul or anything, but just think how sweet it would be to add a few titles, slow motion, and some music to my nephew’s game and send it over to my sister.

One of my other favorite uses for Mighty Max is using him to take an online Yoga Course offered by Yoga Empowered.  My favorite Yoga teacher is in Seattle.  I’m in Fresno, CA.  With Might Max, I can view and store class videos, download and store articles, and follow the class in an online forum.  And because M.M. is so portable I can work from anywhere in my house without being tethered to the computer or TV.

Finally, I love all the apps.  I can go on for days and days about all the apps, so I’m going to limit myself here, because this post is already running away from me.  My favorite of the moment is Flipboard.  This app turns all my favorite blogs, news feeds, twitter, and facebook, into a magazine.  I’m then able to literally “flip” through everything and choose articles to read at my leisure.  The app also displays news from the day or other topics based on my habits and interests.  It’s so freakin’ cool!

Visions of Flipboard in action. An article from Everyting iPad2 featuring this photo explains the app in full detail. Click the photo to access the article.

So, here I am having had Mighty Max for one-week and my mind is still reeling with all the possibilities. My wish list is ever expanding with apps to buy and apps to search for.  For instance, I wonder if anyone has ever planned a wedding with an iPad.  You know…is there an app for that?

What about all of you?  What do you go nerdy for?  Are any of you iPad/iPhone users?  What are your favorite apps?  More importantly, what are your favorite games?


Gettin’ Crafty

As stated in this post, I’m planning on incorporating jars and candles into our wedding reception decor.  So, I’ve been saving jars from sauces, pickles, peppers – you name it.  I can’t believe how many jars we are amassing in such a short amount of time!  I’ve no doubt that by next October, we’ll have plenty of jars saved and I won’t have spend a single cent from our wedding budget to buy any.  Suh-weet.

In the mean time, I noticed more than a couple of great ideas on (you guessed it) Pinterest of things to do with these jars and I recently decided to give one a try.  First, let’s take a look at the inspiration photo.


The crafty gal who created these adorable votives added a few drops of  food coloring to Mod Podge, painted the concoction on the glass, et voila, pretty colored glass candle holders.  I thought I would test this project out using the colors we want to use for our wedding – green and blue.

Work Station Set-Up

Here’s a glimpse of my work-station set-up and supplies.  I started with two clean jars, some paper trays (left-overs from our engagement party), a paint brush, green and blue gel food coloring, and hard coat Mod Podge.  This was my first time working with Mod Podge and I have to admit I was a little intimidated when I was at the craft store and there were so many types to choose from.  I decided to go with the “hard coat” because the bottle said it works on glass.  But, maybe there’s another crafter out there who would have recommended another type.

Oh wine...what can't you do?

As recommended from the original source, I added a few drops of food coloring and mixed until I reached my desired color.  At first, I held the jar upside down with one hand partially inside the top opening.  However, overtime I found that things would get a little dicey as I had to paint nearer to the top of the jar.  Enter my friend the wine bottle – the perfect stand.

Finished product

After a couple of coats, I noticed that the brush strokes looked streaky.  So, I switched using an X or basket weave pattern.  I think this would have been a good idea from the beginning.  I think the jars look kinda cool, but I don’t think it’s something I would do for all the jars at the wedding.  And here’s why – look at the photo below with the candles lit.  The color really seems to disappear.

Where'd the color go?

The next time I get some fresh flowers, I will put them in these jars and see how that turns out.  There might be a nice affect with water.  Right now, I have the jars placed against a white wall so the colors really pop, and it’s nice.

Poppin' off the wall.

So, what about you?  Do you have any craft projects you’ve undertaken that didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped?  What do you think about the jars?  Would you give these a try?