Celebrity Names

Darrin and I made the decision to hyphenate our last names and became the Jessen-Hiser family.  This was a big decision for the both of us, especially since it is not so common for the man to change his name.  One welcome consequence of this decision is that Darrin and I are going through the whole process of changing our names on everything (from social security to drivers license) together.  It’s always easier when you have someone to commiserate with.

The very best outcome of this decision is probably that combined our last names create a super awesome sounding last name (if I don’t say so myself).  The name also happens to sound like a great beer (which is great since we both long to brew our own beer some day).  But, most importantly, we’ve essentially created a new name for our new family and that feels so good to us!

The day I returned to work following a two week hiatus for the wedding and honeymoon, I opened the door to my office to find it had been decorated by my students.  They came up with a combined name of their own for Darrin and me.  Our celebrity name: Mellissa + Darrin = MeDarrin.  Nice!


They also approved of our new last name.

Their decoration job definitely made me feel appreciated and happy to return to work.  How lucky am I?


What about you?  What is your/would be your celebrity name?



I’m Baaack!

Merging Lanes Love went dark for a few months while planning the wedding overtook my free time.  But, now I’m back and ready to share all about the wedding – from the DIY crafts to lessons-learned.

We did everything ourselves – from table centerpieces to writing our own vows and from boutonnieres to the guestbook.  We did get a professional photographer and caterer and a real live Pastor  (my long time mentor) to officiate the ceremony.  We’re not that crazy.

So, now that the craziness of the planning and prepping is over, and I’ve relaxed and rejuvenated on a wonderful honeymoon with my hubby (I just LOVE that I can now call Darrin my ‘husband’), I promise to be a good blogger.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:

The newlyweds dancin’ up a storm!