About Merging Lanes

Revisiting the scene of the crime – where we got engaged.

I’m Mellissa and this is Darrin, my super-Awesome husband (even if he does prefer Batman to Superman).  We’re 30 and 40 something’s (respectively) living and working in California’s Central Valley.  We were recently married in the Fall of 2012 and pulled off a (mostly) DIY wedding.

One of the things about getting married later in life is that we are both very comfortable with who we are as individuals.  The plus of that is, we definitely found in one another, someone who loves us for exactly who we are (by the time we found each other we had long let go of putting on pretenses for dates).  The challenge of barreling through life for so long on our own road is learning how to merge our two separate and unique “lanes” while learning to head together down one road towards a joined future.  I happen to think we’re already doing a pretty fine job of it.  Darrin thinks we make a great partnership and that’s why we’re so successful.  I think he’s aces!

This blog is my way of recording the process of planning our wedding, working on joining our houshold, and any other things that come along as part of “merging lanes.”  Our interests vary.  Darrin is a graphic artist who is deeply committed to all things Tiki (a real Tikiphile, that one), loves mid-century modern art and architecture, is crazy about the 60’s, and is a collector of many things ranging from movies and music to artwork and comics.  I work in higher education with a background in both English Literature and Human Rights.  I love new technology (though I do fear the inevitable robot uprising).  I consider myself moderately crafty, a fairly good cook, and generally a good hostess.  Most importantly, however, I’m a great student and with the wonder of the interwebs, I know that I will be able to learn so much from everyone out there and be able to apply it to the exciting new things we have going on in our lives.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll share your ideas with us, too!