Wedding Party Assemble!

Easily one of my top five favorite movies is Anchorman.  I’m pretty sure I could recite that movie word for word.  Right now, I’ve got the part stuck in my head where Ron Burgundy calls his News Team to his side.  Check it out:

With eleven months to-go until the big day, I’ve recently received multiple email reminders from various wedding websites alerting me to all the tasks I should have checked off my list by now.  Such things as booking the reception site (check), booking the ceremony site (check), registering for gifts, and finalizing the wedding party.

Over the weekend we worked on the last task on the list and I couldn’t help but fill a little like Ron Burgundy, blowin’ my horn and calling out over the land, “Wedding Party Assembllllllllee!”  While some members of the party are spread out across the land like Ron’s dog Baxter, others are close by like the rest of the team (“We’ve been here literally the entire time you have.”)  Here’s a look at our team so far.

Best Man and Best Woman

Darrin with his best people Melissa and Dererk.

Darrin asked his two siblings Derek and Melissa (the O.G. Melissa in his life) to be co-Bests at the wedding.  Darrin is the oldest of this threesome and I know it means a lot to him to have his brother and sister standing by his side that day.

The Matrons of Honor

My big sisters, Trish and Jenn, at my 30th birthday party a couple of years ago.

When it came to selecting my Matrons of Honor, it was all too easy.  My sisters are my best friends.  We’ve been there for each other through everything.  Our wedding would be incomplete without them by my side.

Man of Honor

My brother-in-law Robbie with his wife (my sister) Trish.

Rounding out my side of the aisle is my brother-in-law, Robbie serving as the Man of Honor.  I’ve known Robbie since I was about eleven and in addition to being an amazing husband to my sister and an awesome father to my nephew, he has long been a steadfast supporter in my life.  I hardly think of him as a brother-in-law and often consider him my “real” brother.  Also, Darrin and I admire and value Trish and Robbie’s marriage and feel it would be quite special to have a couple whose love we believe in standing next to us, affirming our love, as we vow to spend our lives together.

Team Usher

Kevan, my brother-in-law, with is wife & my sister. He likes to take goofy pictures - I love it!

Darrin's brother-in-law Robert (second from right).

For Team Usher, we called on Kevan and Robert, our other brothers-in-law to help us out.  It means a lot to us to have our whole family involved.  We know we can count on these guys to help make this day extra special and set a welcoming and inviting tone for all of our guests.

The Juniors

The Juniors

Darrin’s nieces and nephews (he’s got one of each from both siblings) agreed to be in the wedding as well.  The two boys, Jacob and Nathan, will be junior Groomsmen.  While the two girls, Julie and Mary, will be junior Bridesmaids.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t most excited about picking out/shopping for outfits for and with the girls.

The Ring Bearers

The bearers of the ring.

My nephews, Ricky and Ryan (I’ll give you one guess as to which kid belongs to which sister) will be the bearers of the ring.  I can’t wait to see these boys in a suit.  Too cute!

So, that’s the cast of characters so far.  There are still some decisions to come, but the easiest to make were those involving the family.  We knew we wanted them by our side.  Also, as you can see we decided to break from some traditions (ex. all boys on the groom’s side, all girls on the bride’s side) and do what felt right to us.  The wedding will be an extremely intimate affair (despite the fact that I’m sharing stuff online) and having our siblings and their families close by our side and in the places we want them will make it that much more special.

What about you?  What was your experience like assembling your wedding day team?  What went into your decision making?  Are there any “traditions” or norms you decided to break?