Black Friday Traditions

On my way to work this morning I caught my first glimpse of my least favorite part of the holiday season: orange cones.  Darrin and I live near a major shopping mall and as the holiday shopping season intensifies the traffic around our neighborhood becomes ridiculous.  In order to manage the congestion caused by the black friday sales, the mall will control traffic using the orange cones I saw stacked on the corners this morning.

Personally, I don’t like to participate in black friday shopping.  I can’t imagine any sale that warrants fighting crowds or getting up early in the morning.  Of course, I’m also someone who counts being trampled to death in a crowd as one of her 3 greatest fears.  Simply viewing a scene like the one below sends me into a tizzy.  If I was actually present at that store I know I’d go into a full-scale panic attack.

Nowadays the sales are starting earlier and earlier.  Midnight sales are becoming popular.  My sister, a seasoned shopper for sure, participated in the midnight shopping last year and she reported some great savings.  I know that this type of shopping is a favored tradition and lot’s of fun for many people.  It’s just not my speed.

However, this morning as I was driving past the orange cones and instantly started to groan, I got to thinking, certainly with our proximity to the mall Darrin and I could start a tradition of our own.  It’s not so absurd to think that we can’t stay up past midnight, right?  Maybe we should start an anti-black friday party at our house.  We could invite friends over for drinks and late night snacks (or leftovers from the Thanksgiving spread).  Then we’ll open up the curtains and watch the crazy shoppers.  Maybe we can even make a drinking game of it (assuming everyone has a designated driver, of course).  Take a drink every time you see someone steal a parking space from someone else. 😉  We’ve got wifi – our guests can bring their laptops/phones/tablets and can get black friday deals online.  This could work.  Now, I only have to get Darrin on board with this.

What about you?  What post-Thanksgiving shopping traditions or anti-shopping traditions do you have?  Share!