Wedding Party Assemble!

Easily one of my top five favorite movies is Anchorman.  I’m pretty sure I could recite that movie word for word.  Right now, I’ve got the part stuck in my head where Ron Burgundy calls his News Team to his side.  Check it out:

With eleven months to-go until the big day, I’ve recently received multiple email reminders from various wedding websites alerting me to all the tasks I should have checked off my list by now.  Such things as booking the reception site (check), booking the ceremony site (check), registering for gifts, and finalizing the wedding party.

Over the weekend we worked on the last task on the list and I couldn’t help but fill a little like Ron Burgundy, blowin’ my horn and calling out over the land, “Wedding Party Assembllllllllee!”  While some members of the party are spread out across the land like Ron’s dog Baxter, others are close by like the rest of the team (“We’ve been here literally the entire time you have.”)  Here’s a look at our team so far.

Best Man and Best Woman

Darrin with his best people Melissa and Dererk.

Darrin asked his two siblings Derek and Melissa (the O.G. Melissa in his life) to be co-Bests at the wedding.  Darrin is the oldest of this threesome and I know it means a lot to him to have his brother and sister standing by his side that day.

The Matrons of Honor

My big sisters, Trish and Jenn, at my 30th birthday party a couple of years ago.

When it came to selecting my Matrons of Honor, it was all too easy.  My sisters are my best friends.  We’ve been there for each other through everything.  Our wedding would be incomplete without them by my side.

Man of Honor

My brother-in-law Robbie with his wife (my sister) Trish.

Rounding out my side of the aisle is my brother-in-law, Robbie serving as the Man of Honor.  I’ve known Robbie since I was about eleven and in addition to being an amazing husband to my sister and an awesome father to my nephew, he has long been a steadfast supporter in my life.  I hardly think of him as a brother-in-law and often consider him my “real” brother.  Also, Darrin and I admire and value Trish and Robbie’s marriage and feel it would be quite special to have a couple whose love we believe in standing next to us, affirming our love, as we vow to spend our lives together.

Team Usher

Kevan, my brother-in-law, with is wife & my sister. He likes to take goofy pictures - I love it!

Darrin's brother-in-law Robert (second from right).

For Team Usher, we called on Kevan and Robert, our other brothers-in-law to help us out.  It means a lot to us to have our whole family involved.  We know we can count on these guys to help make this day extra special and set a welcoming and inviting tone for all of our guests.

The Juniors

The Juniors

Darrin’s nieces and nephews (he’s got one of each from both siblings) agreed to be in the wedding as well.  The two boys, Jacob and Nathan, will be junior Groomsmen.  While the two girls, Julie and Mary, will be junior Bridesmaids.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t most excited about picking out/shopping for outfits for and with the girls.

The Ring Bearers

The bearers of the ring.

My nephews, Ricky and Ryan (I’ll give you one guess as to which kid belongs to which sister) will be the bearers of the ring.  I can’t wait to see these boys in a suit.  Too cute!

So, that’s the cast of characters so far.  There are still some decisions to come, but the easiest to make were those involving the family.  We knew we wanted them by our side.  Also, as you can see we decided to break from some traditions (ex. all boys on the groom’s side, all girls on the bride’s side) and do what felt right to us.  The wedding will be an extremely intimate affair (despite the fact that I’m sharing stuff online) and having our siblings and their families close by our side and in the places we want them will make it that much more special.

What about you?  What was your experience like assembling your wedding day team?  What went into your decision making?  Are there any “traditions” or norms you decided to break?


32 and Counting…

Recently, I celebrated my 32nd birthday.  I love birthdays.  People tell me this will change as I get older.  But so far, I still love birthdays.  Throughout my childhood, my mom always made birthdays special.  The day would start with birthday pancakes, the sticky sweet stack topped off with one solitary candle.  The rest of the day involved the birthday girl (I’m one of three daughters) getting to make all the decisions – like choosing what to eat for lunch and dinner, what movies to rent, what flavor of ice cream cake to buy, etc.  It was a day dedicated to the birthday girl.  And even when it was one of my sister’s birthdays, it was still a fun day.  I quickly learned that celebrating others could be just as enjoyable as celebrating oneself.

In honor of my 32nd year, I decided to get a little more personal on this post and share with you 32 things I’m thankful for, can’t live without, love, adore, and simply think are frickin’ cool.  Please note that the following list is random and the placement of an item on the list does not indicate its value in my life.

32 Things I’m Thankful For/Can’t Live Without/Love/Adore/Simply Think Are Frickin’ Cool

  1. My Wish List at Amazon – This thing allows me to “shop” without going over budget.  I’m able to save things for later and go back and purchase them when I’m ready.  It’s also a handy tool at Christmas time.  I simply share the link, et voila, my family members have full access to a list of things I want.  Even if they choose not to buy something from the list, at least it provides them with some inspiration.
  2. The greatest invention: the shower
  3. My fiance, Darrin, and his ever expanding ability to love me.
  4. The young man in this photo and the clever way in which he twisted hate into humor.
  5. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – Pinterest!  This site is just awesome.  There is so much creativity and beauty out there in the world and people share it on this site.  How can you resist?
  6. These two words uttered together: “Auntie Missy”
  7. Mint ice cream
  8. The way my in-laws-to-be have welcomed me with open arms
  9. These boys (Rocket & Jet):
  10. My Dad’s humor.
  11. My Mom’s hugs.
  12. My job.
  13. My big sisters.  
  14. Easy Street Wheat Beer (Why-oh-why won’t O’Dell distribute in CA? Insert whiny voice here.)
  15. Another great invention: The DVR.   So I can record my shows (brace yourselves people, I watch a lot of t.v.) such as: Modern Family, Raising Hope, Glee, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Office, The Soup, Top Chef, Supernatural, Being Human, Royal Pains, Psych, Fairly Legal, Covert Affairs, Suits…I think that’s enough for now.
  16. My friends!!
  17. Harry Potter.  Thank you, J.K. Rowling for such a beautiful series.  I loved the books and will continue to revisit them for the rest of my life.  My mom took me to see the final movie for my birthday and we loved it.  I even cried.  I couldn’t help it; before I knew it, tears were leaking from eyes.  It was just so emotional – the end of an era with characters that I absolutely adore.
  18. Drunk History.  These are hysterical and this one’s my favorite: 
  19. The Richter Center Ambassadors.  I work with these students on a daily basis and they are AMAZING!  When I am depressed by the news of the day just thinking of these students lifts my spirits.  They are young people who are gifted, bright, creative, and are deeply committed to making their community a better place through volunteerism and service.  One day, these students will be leaders in our communities and that fact alone gives me great hope for our future.
  20. Friday night pizza & t.v. with Darrin.
  21. Music.
  22. The fact that Denver will always feel like a second home (especially as long as my BFF Heather is there).
  23. Rock Band (2, 3, and Beatles)
  24. Our home.  It certainly needs a ton of TLC, but it’s ours, it’s definitely unique, and we love it.

    Our home, just after Darrin got the keys. Check out those pink doors.

  25. The fact that I’m a short car ride (2.5 hours or so) from the ocean.
  26. The interwebs (as Darrin likes to call it).  There is so much creativity and beauty out there.  And I’m just a huge nerd at heart.  Through the internet, I’m able to keep learning day-in and day-out.
  27. Photobooks.  I seriously love how I can now dump my favorite photos into a program, pay a fee, and a week or so later I receive a beautiful, professional looking book.
  28. The genius and gift of this young woman: 
  29. Sandwiches
  30. My iPhone and my game apps
  31. Life (as in the gift of, not the game of)
  32. Netflix (though I’m not in love with the recent price hike)
So that’s it.  I’m sure there are things I’ve left off this list.  But, they’ll just have to wait until next year.
What about you?  What are you especially thankful for/excited about/love right now that you want to share?

A Touch of Glass

Over the weekend, Darrin and I received our first wedding gift.  At least, that’s what I’m calling it.  We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon visiting with my parents.  While visiting, my mother remembered a box of “things” my grandma Mary (my mom’s mom) had saved from her marriage to my mom’s dad for my sisters and me.  So I went into the garage with my mom, climbed on to my dad’s weightlifting bench, reached up to the top shelf and pulled down a very dusty box where I uncovered eight glass “Serva Snack” sets.

One of the "Serva Snack" designs.

These were so dainty and adorable.  They were a perfect little treasure, packed away in their original boxes, safe for my sisters and me to use.  One of the designs has a small, curved indentation on the side which I can only suspect was for setting down one’s cigarette when one wanted to take a bite of the provided snack.  I think I’ll have to find a new use for that indentation – chocolate straws maybe?  I’m already imagining afternoon teas, mother’s day brunches, or a bridal luncheon with these charming glass trays.  And don’t think I won’t be able to serve a cocktail in that darling little cup.

While up on the ladder weightlifting bench in the garage we discovered another box.  It simply read on the side, “grandma and grandpa g bar.”  Grandma and Grandpa G are my dad’s maternal grandparents.  Grandma Ginther is the woman I was named after and while I never had the opportunity to meet her, from what I hear, she was an amazing woman.  To reach this box, we had to call in the help of Darrin and my dad as it was pushed too far out of reach.  This box was really heavy and once it was brought to the floor, we discovered it was full of individually wrapped items.  They turned out to be a ton of various bar glasses.

A number of the bar glasses from Grandma and Grandpa Ginther (pre-washing).

Darrin and I were instantly excited when we saw these glasses.  Two of the many things we have in common are: we like things that are old and things made of glass.  My mom very kindly offered the box to Darrin and me noting that Grandma Ginther would have liked the idea of her namesake having her things.  It was such a sweet moment and such a thoughtful gift.

More of the glasses. They really clean up nice!

When we got home that afternoon, I got straight to cleaning the glasses.  While standing over the sink, I let my mind twist around the history of our new collection.  Where did it all come from?  Grandma and Grandpa Ginther ran and owned a few restaurants over the course of their lives.  Had a few of the loner glasses snuck their way home from Alex & Effie’s restaurant?  What happened to cause some of the sets to be incomplete?  If it was anything like my house growing up, the children may have broken a glass or two.  Did a little Joanne (my grandmother) or Bud or Sunny (my great Uncles) have slippery fingers?  Did Grandma Ginther bring the glasses out for parties?  Did she really use the brandy glasses for brandy or did she break convention and use them for wine, the way I would?

And how will Darrin and I incorporate these new gifts into our lives?  Some of the glasses I can imagine using as vases or for serving a yummy frozen dessert.  I do feel as though I’m more likely to have a luncheon simply because I have to give those Serva Snacks a try.

What about you?  What gifts have you inherited?  What have they meant to you and how have you incorporated them in to your life?