The Pizza Man Cometh

Darrin has two favorite foods – pizza and burritos.  Before we got engaged, when we just kicked around the idea of a wedding, we talked about having a burrito bar catered by a local taco truck.  But then, every time we turned around, it seemed like everyone was having a taco truck cater a party.

So, when we officially became engaged we went back to the drawing board and thought about what we’d like to see served at our reception.  For longer than I can remember, we’ve been having “Friday Night Pizza” dates.  This involves ordering pizza for delivery and watching our favorite t.v. shows that have been recorded on the DVR.  It’s the perfect end to a hectic work week.  Suddenly, the idea of having pizza at our wedding started to make sense.  Why not?  It’s one of Darrin’s favorite foods and it’s a tradition in our relationship.  Also, who doesn’t love pizza?

I then started to imagine our wedding guests sitting around a table, sharing pizza and a yummy and fresh green salad, pouring each other wine, enjoying good conversation and one another’s company.  I shared this vision with Darrin and he was right on board.  So, I immediately got to work looking for a way to serve pizza at the wedding.

Delivery was a no-go due to the location of the reception (out of delivery bounds).  Also, we wanted something a step up from your standard pizza chains.  We were thinking wood-fired, brick oven creations.  Thanks to some online research, I stumbled upon Mattie’s Mobile Wood Fired Pizza and Catering.  Could this be real?  A mobile wood-fired pizza oven?  Luckily, I discovered that Mattie’s sold pizza at the Clovis Farmer’s Market every Friday night.  So, Darrin and I rounded up some taste testers (i.e. my family) and headed over to the market one sultry evening last September.

Darrin giving his best Tom Colicchio impression.

Sister Jenn & Brother-in-Law Kevan are brought in as professional taste testers.

To our delight, the pizza was delicious!  Mattie’s uses locally sourced and fresh ingredients for his toppings, making for very tasty food.  And, you just can’t beat the flavors created by the smoky wood-fired oven.  I tried a Margherita style pizza and Darrin went for a traditional pepperoni and sausage.  Then, we shared a pesto pizza with fresh heirloom tomatoes.  Words can’t express how delicious that was.  The pesto was so fresh and not too oily.  We got a hearty response from my family as well.

Dad gives Mattie's a thumbs-up on presentation.

A few months later, we finally took the time to sit down with Matt, the owner of the company.  And this was what really sold us on hiring Mattie’s.  Matt took the time to listen to us and understand our vision for the wedding.  He even stopped to ask us how we met and learn about our relationship.  What caterer does that?  He has also been great about working within our budget while still offering a delicious menu.  His personal attention demonstrates to me that his business is about more than making money – but it’s where his passion lies.  That’s probably why the food is so darn good!

Darrin and I are so excited to have pizza at the wedding.  We know it will be unique, but what’s more, we know it will be something that our guests will love!

What about you?  Did you plan/Are you planning some special treat for your guests?  What was the meaning behind it?