Tiki Weekend: Return of the Funk

It’s finally the weekend and in the Jessen-Hiser house that means it’s cocktail time!  As many of you know, Darrin is a true tikiphile (one who loves all things tiki).  What’s tiki?  I think I’ll leave the official definition for a time when Darrin can be a guest blogger here on Merging Lanes.  In the mean time, satisfy you’re curiosity with a brief visit to wikipedia.

One of the fun things about our relationship has been learning about the interests and passions held by the other person.  For me, that means learning all about tiki.  The best part?  The cocktails.  Darrin’s forage into the tiki world has resulted in him developing mixology skills.  The man can mix a serious cocktail.  And I’m reaping all the benefits.

The night we were engaged, Darrin proposed to me at Don the Beachcombers in Huntington Beach (more about that story to come later), a famous stop for tikiphiles.  We celebrated with cocktails, and this was the first time I was introduced to the Dr. – Dr. Funk, that is.

Upon our return to Fresno, Darrin went about perfecting a Dr. Funk recipe and I was all too happy to serve as the taste tester.  Eventually, he found the perfect combination.  The drink includes fresh lemon and lime juice, grenadine, Pernod (a licorice flavored liqueur), and jamaican rum.

Dr. Funk after some shaking. I love the layers of color.

One of the things I’ve learned to love about tiki drinks is that many of them have a history and Dr. Funk is no exception.  Dr. Funk was in fact an actual person.  Dr. Bernard Funk was a German doctor and crony of Robert Louis Stevenson, hanging out in Samoa at the turn of the century.  He was known for a concoction of absinthe with lemonade or limeade.  Eventually, as did happen with most tiki drinks, Dr. Funk’s concoction received a stiff infusion of rum and we now have what is similar to Darrin’s recipe (though it varies from bar to bar).

Dr. Funk courtesy of Darrin.

I can’t decide, however, what I like more about this drink:  the delicious, refreshing flavor; how it matches my engagement ring; or, how every time I say the name, I feel the need to get funky a la Parliament (see below).  I guess all three make it a winning combination.

What about you?  What are some of your favorite cocktails?