You Got No Vision

This week, Darrin and I will hit the “1-year to go” mark for our wedding.  With the big day getting closer, it’s time to start narrowing down some of our ideas.  For a while now, I’ve been flipping through magazines and websites and taking note of things I like.  What has resulted is a mis-matched-hodge-podge-convoluted collection of ideas ranging from rustic to refined and from vintage to modern.  In order for us to move forward with planning, we need to settle on some sort of general vision or sense of style.

Last Saturday, we were invited to dinner at my sister’s house (aka the reception site) and at the suggestion of my brother-in-law, we arrived around the time of day that we think the reception will start so we could check out the lighting, shade, etc.  I took out Mighty Max (yes, I do carry him everywhere) to show the family two videos that Darrin and I have narrowed down as a major source of inspiration.  The videographers – Shark Pig – are unreal.  It would be amazing to have them on hand for our big day, but they are way out of our price range.  These videos are sick.  Sometimes, I’m just leveled by the talent out there in the world.   Watch both videos.

So, here’s what Darrin and I love about this wedding.  This is what we shared with my sis and bro at dinner the other night.

  • We love the sense of intimacy, and (this is from an outsiders perspective) that it felt like a festive celebration amongst close family and friends
  • We love that it felt like a party, a celebration!  I mean, c’mon – they whipped out a storm-trooper helmet.  Shouldn’t weddings be about celebrating the love?
  • We like the elements of DIY/personal touches – the colorful poms hanging from the trees, and the little hearts on the straws in the drinks.
  • We like the vintage feel – the clothes, the shiny backdrop and decorations that remind us of a retro prom night, and the music used in the films.

While we don’t plan to duplicate this wedding, the elements listed above are helping to shape our vision or sense of style.  I’m pretty sure my sister and her husband understand the vision.  After watching the videos, the four of us went to the backyard, with little Ricky (my 3-year old nephew) riding around on his toy tractor, and started to plan out where to put the tables, the dance floor, where guests would enter the yard, how we would hang lighting, etc.  My sister’s and brother’s enthusiasm was sweet and thoughtful.

Things are definitely moving along.  Having a better understanding of what we want the day to look and feel like will certainly help with making decisions from here on out.

What about you?  Have you had to stop a project mid-way to go back and adjust or recapture the vision?  Or what’s your vision for a new project or new path?  Do share!