• Merging Lanes

    Merge (verb): to combine or unite; to blend together, especially in gradual stages.

Data in Pictures

I recently celebrated my fifth anniversary at my workplace.  This was quite a feat, as I’ve never worked anywhere that long – I also never planned to stay at my job past five years.  And here I am, loving my work so much, I can’t imagine leaving.  To learn more about this work, check out … Continue reading


Number Five is Alive

Oooh, I hope there are some children of the 80’s out there who get that reference. So, my post doesn’t really have anything to do with the classic robot movie of the 80’s as it does with the actual number five.  And my adorable nephew. Tomorrow this cutie turns five.  I can’t believe it!  I … Continue reading

"It's what's for dinner." Animals line the walls of the Buckhorn Exchange.

Denver, My Heart

We recently returned home from a whirlwind trip to my second favorite state (after my home state of CA, of course) of Colorful Colorado to watch my BFF and the beauty at the left (Heather) marry one heckuva cool guy (Nick) at the most picturesque place on the planet. I met Heather while we simultaneously … Continue reading


Music Friday: Romance in Unlikely Places

For this week’s Music Friday, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite romantic songs in honor of the upcoming wedding of my two favorite Coloradans – Ezzy and Nico.  I’m dedicating two of my favorite “unlikely” romantic songs.  I say unlikely because at first listen, these songs might sound as though they weren’t … Continue reading

sandi wedding_cuatro de mayo 027

Always a Bridesmaid…And Loving It

For my inaugural Wedding Wednesday post I’ve decided to write about a topic on which I consider myself to be a bit of an expert. This month, I’ll serve as an attendant to my tenth bride. That’s right folks, 10 – I’ve hit the double digits.  While some gals might lament this fact and complain about … Continue reading

Changing Lanes

Well folks, sadly it’s been a few months since I’ve posted to this blog.  Since my last post, work was at its peak.  The spring semester is most often the busiest for me, and while I love the work, it leaves little time (and energy) for extracurricular writing such as this. During this hectic time, … Continue reading

My favorite photo captured by our photographer.  My husband and I dancing up a storm with the streamer backdrop catching a breeze behind us.

Stream On

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about our wedding, and I promised here to share details on the DIY projects that made the day happen.  So, in order to not break promises, today I thought I’d spill the beans on the  big focal point of our reception – the streamer backdrop. I was … Continue reading

An example of my first treat bag for our niece, Mary.

A Homemade Valentine

Okay, I know this one is a bit late.  But, I didn’t want to post what I was working on until after I gave the gifts I created to their recipients. Each year, I create little Valentine packages for our local nieces and nephews.  I will usually go to Target and pick-up a plastic bucket … Continue reading

A close-up of the shelf.  Now, I'm looking for a great piece of art, dominated by light colors to hang on the wall just above it.

A Quick Update

Last month I had an extra day off of work and decided to use it to get some things done around the house.  I’m pretty sure I was a domestic goddess.  In the midst of my cleaning, cooking, and laundry, I took notice of a bookshelf in our living room that just kept bothering me. … Continue reading

Music Friday: Heartthrob

This week, I’ve had Tegan and Sara’s latest album, “Heartthrob” spinning out of control in my car, making my commute to and from work absolute heaven.  I’ve been a fan of these gals for some time (I’ve seen them live three times – yep, I might be bragging), but their latest contribution just might be my favorite. … Continue reading


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